Interview was done at 02.02.2004

"Where Iron Crosses Grow" is the new and sixth full length album by Swedish old school masters DISMEMBER. And it's better than the last two albums, no doubt. So I wrote some questions for Fred Estby (drums) about this and that. Fred was not that talkactive I've expected, but who cares? Enjoy!

Where "Iron Crosses Grow", the sixth album from DISMEMBER is out now. And, it's again pure swedish death metal. Are you satisfied with the album?

Fred: Yes, definitely.

But at first congratulation to your new record. I for myself can say after the first listening I've thought what a crap, but listening to it five and six times the album sounded better and better so that I can say that "Where Iron Crosses" is the best Dismember album since "Indecent and Obscene". What do you think about that. Do you agree with me a little bit?

F: How do you define crap? I don't know what to agree on, I just think it's cool that you liked the album after you heard it through a couple of times.

The album is brutal, sure, but the sound is not really that what I expect from you. No bad thoughts, the sound is better than the last two records from Dismember but the drumsound is hm, weak? What do you think about the sound on "Where Iron Crosses"?

F: I like the sound, I think it's both brutal and you can hear what´s going on straight through the production. What kind of sound did you expect? A less brutal sound or something totally different?

On track four is a different sound like on the three before! "Tragedy Of The Faithful" (another highlight !!!), "Sword Of Life" too, has a complete another guitarsound. Did you record the album in several takes?

F: Intentionally I wanted the songs to stand individually from each other and I think we accomplished our goal.

What was the reason that you've changed the studio? I mean, why didn`t you record again with Thomas Skogsberg? Do you`ve heard some of his last productions?

F: It's been several years since I worked at Sunlight and a lot of things has happened since. I think we are much better off working by ourselves. I haven´t heard much that stands tall from Sunlight over the last couple of years.

Will there be a tour this year? I must confess that I've never saw you playing live till now?

F: We are starting our world tour in March here in Scandinavia. We are racing on through Europe during the spring and summer.

For a long time I haven't seen a cover done by Dan Seagrave? What was the reason that you'll work with him? Are you satisfied with the cover?

F: He's still the optimal death metal cover artist. We are very pleased with the cover.

Are you not pissed of when you see that several new bands have overrunned DISMEMBER in popularity and status in the death metal scene?

F: No. We are happy with what we have created for ourselves and if the bands that are doing good around us deserve it, why should we get pissed off?

Are you into modern death mMetal? I mean those bands who blasts the whole time?

F: I like KRISIUN, they are a band that can blast with style!

Fred, all in all DISMEMBER will ever be measured by your unique first album "Like An Ever Flowing Stream". The cult record so far. Can you understand that fans scream after a follower from that and that DISMEMBER fans say that you'll never reach the power and the extraordinaire songwriting from that one?

F: The first album will always be the first album. Let's leave it at that. I don't think I want to hear SLAYER do "Reign in blood" allover again.

Ok, Fred, that's all from my side. I hope you are not insulted by some critical questions, hahaha. Cheers and good luck with "Where Iron Crosses Grow" The last words are yours! Hope to see you live anytime?

No problem! Sorry, Matti couldn't take this interview, hope you are satisfied with me answering instead (Sure, man, sure! - Marcus).
See you all live this year!!!

Interview: Marcus