Hello Rikard! I'm very happy about the new DERANGED record because it became awesome, like the previous ones, but what was the reason of the 4 years of silence? We haven't heard anything of the band. Did you split up or did you only make a break?

So it's actually 4 years since we recorded the "Plainfield Cemetary" CD. Times just flies by. No, we never split up or anything. We just did other things. Johan and me were doing KILLAMAN besides that. Mean, it felt nice to have a break. At least I had pretty much been doing DERANGED 24/7 since we first started out so. We were offered to do a couple of shows down in the Netherlands sometime last year, which we did and after that just started to work on the new CD, as well as doing a few other smaller tours and the likes.

Why did you do a new website? I have visited it and I have to tell you, it became better, than the previous one. There is only a lack of the biography.

Bio is on it's way. The old one looked pretty "old". It was about time to set a new site up.

Do you consider it as important to have a site for a band? Can you imagine supporting a band without the help of the internet?

Needless to say, it's nice to have a site where one can put up all news and other shit 'bout the act you know. Guess that having a site nowadays is pretty standard you know. I know shit about doing sites myself. Just like anything else nowadays, can't do shit without the internet. Ha, ha, ha.

Your e-mail address has changed as well, the old one was brutalmotherfuck@gamma.telenordia.se, which sounded cool ha-ha!

Man, I've had that address since 98 or 99. Just imagine the amount of spam I'm getting on that address? Ha, ha, ha. Yeah, it was certainly a nice ad. No way one can fet away with having a "fuck" in an ad. nowadays.

When did you start to write the new material? How are the DERANGED songs composed at all? Who is the main composer?

Sometime last year. It's me and Johan doing like 90% of the music, I'm doing most of the lyrics and the vocal patterns. We write everything in the rehearsal room. We have an idea and just start to build the song 'round that. It's not like we're having band meetings and discuss in which direction we'll take
the band. We just play and if it's sounds good we'll keep it. Simple as that.

In which studio and with whose help was the album recorded? How long did the recording sessions take? Were the songs ready, when you entered the studio?

Once again we recorded the disc at Berno Studio. It's probably the ninth full length Johan and I records over there, counting a few none DERANGED recordings. We have been recording over there since '94. Not only it takes me around 25 minutes with car going there, it's probably the best studio for this kind of metal in Sweden so why choose another place? Yes, everything was pretty much done when we started. I think we spent around two weeks total with mixing and mastering. Could had managed to do it faster but why stress things?

"Obscenities In B Flat" is the title of the new record. Would you have thought in 1991, that you 15 years later still release records with the band?


How do you compare it with "Plainfield Cemetary"? What are the differences and the similarities between both records? Would you speak detailed about the new album?

I personally don't like to compare music in general. Not even ones own recordings. I know the rest of the guys do though. Ehm. Mean, as for Obscenities. That was the first recording we actually recorded digitally, using Pro Tools. We have always recorded more or
less all analogue before so that was something new for us, which I guess in some ways reflects the production on the disc. Otherwise, not much to say about the new disc except from the fact that it's the best shit we have yet done.

Due to personal reasons and musical differences Calle Faldt was fired. What does it mean? Couldn't you get on well with each other? Has he had enough of playing sick and brutal death metal?

"Personal and musical differences" means exactly what it says, and to the other part of the question, yes!

Were the songs sung still by Calle? Did he play the bassparts and did he do the vocals on the album?

Yes, all of the vocals were done by Calle. Johan did the bass though.

Instead of Calle, Martin Schonherr joined the band. Did he played in other bands earlier? Do he have a more brutal voice than Calle? Did Martin already adapt to the band?

Martin was basically just a friend of mine that knew we was looking for a new singer and wanted to try out. We knew that things would work on the personal level so we gave it a chance and things was working out ways better then expected. He's playing the drums in SPLATTERED MERMAIDS. Yes, he got a more "brutal voice" then Calle.

Who wrote the lyrics? Are they again about murder, gore, rape and death? Isn't it boring to write always about the same themes?

I wrote 7 or 6 lyrics of the 9 songs on the record. Also, arranged the actual lyrics and did the song patterns. Yeah, pretty much about "murder, gore, rape and death". You know, all of our lyrics are written from other persons views. Still, as always there's a few pieces here and there with shit I want to say but whether that's something from that other persons view or mine, only I know and that's how it'll stay.

Do still other themes inspire the lyrics? Can you identify with them? What do you think about the effect of the lyrics? Ozzy Osbourne and JUDAS PRIEST were almost judged because of the lyrics.

As for our lyrics. I don't know man. I see them as a cheap horror movie you know. It's fucking bloody and gory, but still one think it's pretty damn fun. It way over the top and if anyone takes it seriously, they have problems.

You often write about serial killers as well. What do you think about them? What kind of motivations do conduct the serial killers? In what kind of state of mind do they commit the murders?

Hell. I don't know man. Means, no one is born bad, right? I just write down some shit the vices in my head tells me to.

Is there a conception or scheme behind the DERANGED lyrics? Are you a fan of the B-
movies, horror as well?

I have written most of DERANGED's lyrics since '96 or so. Why I first started to write lyrics and actually also arrange them into the music, was coz no one else would do it. Ha, ha, ha. Back then I would always write like "lines" whenever I would be watching a nice piece of nasty and gory splatter flick, and later on fit them into whole lyrics. Ehm. Right now I just write down shit that I think would be suitable for the music in general. Yes, I'am a big fan of b-movies, horror whatever.

In my opinion, the sound became brutal as hell again. Are you also satisfied with it?

The actual production of the new disc? Yes, very much!

Your music is always compared and can be compared to CANNIBAL CORPSE. Are you proud of this comparison or does it disturb you?

No, mean. If you ask me, not many bands are fucking more "death metal" than CANNIBAL, right? If something, I'm proud!!!

At the end of May you played on the Fuck The Commerce festival and you played some gigs in Germany as well. How was the festival? In what kind of reception were you participated? Did the fans like your show? Tell us please detailed about your gig!

The tour pretty much fucked up. What I'll do is the paste the statement I did about it as I don't want to leave anything out:
We was supposed to play the "Fuck The Commerce" festival as well as another gig down in Germany, in Greifswald late last week. It was supposed to be the last two shows on a small german tour, but I guess that at least some noticed that we never either did the F.TC. festival nor the gig in Greifswald. The thing is that the engine on the camper we were travelling with, literally fell in two pieces. We were on our way from a gig in Erlangen to the F.T.C. fest. when all of sudden the engine started to sound like the third world war. Stopped on the very nearest rest place we could find and the camper was pretty much just DEAD! Made a phone call to ADAC (german highway services) that after 3 hours sent a car that picked us, the camper and our trailer up. Drove us to the nearest service garage, being in Plauen, dropped us, the camper and trailer off and since it was a holiday (service garage closed) we had absolutely no idea what to do! Mean, we were two hours away from the F.T.C. fest. without any vehicle, no opportunity to rent a car either as everything was closed so we had to cancel it. The next morning we were told by the guys at the garage that they could maybe get it fixed the next day, if not they would maybe be able to take care off it after the weekend. We kind of quick realised that we would not be able to do the show in Greifswald either so we had to cancel that as well. We left the camper down in Germany, waited for about 20 hours for someone that drove down from Sweden to pick us and our trailer up and went home. Not mentioned earlier is that on the first date on the tour we got us self a flat tire, and since it was absolutely no tools whatsoever in the camper to change it with we had to call ADAC that came and took care off it. Also, on the third date the battery all of a sudden went bad and we had to ask people with other cars, either at the venues or gas stations to help us out and get it started with cables. It was a absolutely hell on wheels and travelling wise without a doubt the worst tour we have ever done! The good part is that the tour went extremely well so it felt like fucking shame to cancel the last two shows. The response on the four shows we did was great and Martin (our new singer) got very good response as well and a lot of people came up to us saying he's the best singer we have ever had, having in mind we are on our 8´th singer by now, that's pretty good. Mean, needless to say how fucking sorry we are that we had to cancel the F.T.C. fest. as well as the show in Greifswald. We played the very first F.T.C. so it has always been special to us. I just wanted to let you guys know what actually happened and why we had to cancel those two gigs.

Did you play now for the first time on Fuck the commerce or did you have already play on this event? In my opinion those days are the paradise for the death metal fans, aren't they?

As mentioned, we have played that fest before and it's cool fest man! (it was a cool festival, before fuckin' Bruchstein destroyed the festival. All thanks goes out to mighty Jens and Cudgel Agency for doing the the best FTC festivals before 2005!!!!! - Leif).

You are an intensive touring band as I know. Do you like being on the road? Do you prefer the big festivals or rather the smaller club gigs?

Nah, we're not that touring that much. I don't know. I would rather go for a club, capacity 'round 400 that is fucking packed then any festival. I'm not really the festival type of guy.

As for the death metal releases of this year, in my opinion the death metal fans can't complain, because a lot of good death metal records were released. I think of e.g. the new CANNIBAL CORPSE, DERANGED, KRISIUN, NECROPHOBIC or GOD AMONG INSECTS album. How do you think about this?

The new KRISIUN CD is great! The same goes for the new CANNIBAL and NECROPHOBIC. Never heard about GOD AMONG INSECTS. though. Mean, needless to say it's great that people have a lot of new cool releases to check out.

Are there some death metal albums which you waiting for? It would be great to hold in my hands the new SUFFOCATION, MORBID ANGEL, MONSTROSITY and INSISION records yet.

Ehm. I was looking forward to hear the new DIM MAK, but now I have so. I'm really looking forward to hear the new INSISION. Just to make sure they disbehave themselves. Ha, ha, ha.

In your opinion, how much did the death metal scene change compared to the late '80-s/early '90-s?

A lot.

What do you think about the present scene? Are there in your opinion many talented bands around? Do you always try to find new, fresh and brutal death metal bands?

Man, I don't know. Yes, there are lots of
talented bands but. Well, at the end of the day it's not what you play, it's how you fucking play it.

What did you say to the reformation of SUFFOCATION and OBITUARY? How do you like their comeback records? They didn't cause me any disappointment.

Both were really cool.

From Sweden are coming almost in every year talented and brutal death metal bands, such as INSISION, IMMERSED IN BLOOD, VISCERAL BLEEDING, etc. These bands are both complex and very brutal. Do you have friendly connection with them? Do you know their records?

Yeah, I know all of them. Some of the members better you know.

Why is Sweden a fertile ground for death metal?

Coz there's nothing else to do.

When we speak about DERANGED, which were your influences, when the band was formed back in 1991? How old were you at that time?

In '91? I was 16 years old. Back then it was probably bands like IMPETIGO, early CARCASS, SUFFOCATION.

During those years, 1989-1992/93 death metal was on the top of the underground scene, especially in Sweden was a great underground bizz. How do you remember about that time? Did you see bands like MORBID, NIHILIST, TRIBULATION, GRAVE, CARNAGE or TREBLINKA live?

I never saw any of those bands live. I live down in the southern part of Sweden. None of those bands played 'round here in the late 80ies. Not what I know about anyway.

Do you remember SEANCE? I consider them as an excellent group, but unfortunately they are very unknown. Do you agree with me?

No, SEANCE was a cool act man.

You came from Hjärup, but the center of the scene was rather in Stockholm. How was the scene in Hjärup? Is it a big town or a little one?

It's not really a town. It's more like a village.

As for the old scene and especially NIHILIST/ENTOMBED, who in my opinion were the forerunners of the European death metal movement, they have discovered a new sound which was improved to perfection. This was the, so called, chainsaw sound, which was created in the Sunlight Studio by Tomas Skogsberg. Do you like the sound of the early ENTOMBED; GRAVE or DISMEMBER albums? Did the sound of the early records of these bands bring the reputation for the Sunlight Studio and Tomas Skogsberg?

Yeah, the sound was cool. It wasn't anything we tried to do with DERANGED though.

Why did the following bands try to copy the sound of early ENTOMBED? Sunlight became fashionable, isn't it?

I don't know and yes, it was very "fashionable".

Was your goal at that time to form a most brutal band as possible? I would say, it succeed in doing, haha!

Ehm, yes!

Under what kind of circumstances could you practice? How often did you rehearse? Did you take the band seriously?

Yeah, off course we take the band seriously. We rehearse like 4 or 5 times a week. Usually plays through the live set and a few new songs.

About what kind of fanzines do you recall from that time? "Putrefaction", "Slayer"?

I was reading a lot of zines back then. I was doing my own zine as well for a brief time. One of my fave zines was a Swedish one. "Hymen".

Otherwise, do you like reading fanzines? Do you prefer the paper or rather the webzines?

I prefer paper.

Which are your favourite fanzines or webzines? Do you know or like such death metal oriented fanzines, like Carnage, Leprozine or Unholy Terror? Unfortunately, I have read only very few DERNAGED interviews...

Right now, no faves.

I have to tell you, until the release of the excellent "III" album, I haven't heard anything of you. I would say, this record has turned the fans
attention to the band, do you agree with me? This record has spread the name of DERANGED in the underground.

It kinda did. Mean. We were known before that through the demo, the 7" singles, the MCDs and the full lengths, but it was "I I I" that really helped to spread the name.

Would you say, that you after the release of the "III" album became known? Is it important for you to be known, popular or famous?

No and no.

To what did "III" refer? Does the title have something meaning?

It was our third full length. Simple as that.

"III" was released by the French label Listenable Records and you are nowadays on the label as well. Why did you leave earlier Repulse and Regain Records? Did Listenable do more promotion towards the band?

Man. Why we left Repulse and Regain? That was ages ago. What I remember we were only signed for one album on Repulse and as for Regain. That was a new a very young label as the time and yes, the promotion wasn't the best, but hell. They have managed to succeed without us so. Ha, ha, ha. Yes, Listenable promoted the band shit lots more then what Repulse and Regain ever did together.

Do they support the band better, than the previous labels? Are you satisfied with their job?

Yes. So far, so good. Listenable are all right, for a label that it, hahaha.

On the "Rated-X" record you have put up a ROLLING STONES cover "Paint It Black". Whose idea was it to cover this track? Do you play other cover tunes as well?

It was probably my stupid idea. We have tried to cover all kinds of weird songs live but. I don't know. It's probably us that choose weird shit coz people usually don't seem to get into it so. We're not doing any covers whatsoever nowadays.

In the middle of 90ies came the melodic death metal in fashion, such bands like IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY, ARCH ENEMY or AT THE GATES popped up. Did/do you like this musical direction? Didn't you think about to turn DERANGED into this melodic direction?

I disliked and still dislike that "sound" a lot. Crap!

You are/were in several bands, such as MURDER CORPORATION, KILLAMAN, ENURESIS besides DERANGED. Are these bands still active? Were you in these bands as a session member? How could you reconcile DERANGED with the other groups?

MURDER CORPORATION split up and we formed KILLAMAN. KILLAMAN is pretty much on ice right now. As for ENURESIS. That was something Johan and I did back in '93 or '94... Not especially active. Never been especially active either.

Within DERANGED are often line-up changes, you have had a lot of guitarists, bassplayers and singers, only the drummer is permanent, haha! Do you consider DERANGED as your own band? Are you the mainman, the leader of the band?

Johan and I have been with the band since the start. We've had a lot of changes in the line up. What can I say, shit happens.

Do you claim serious requirements to the musicians? Perhaps, isn't proper their approach to the band? Which DERANGED line up is/was the best in your opinion?

We have had so many changes in the line up, they have always musically been to the better though and the best line-up is the one we've got going now.

Before the releasing of "Rated-X" you have recorded a demo ("The Confessions Of A Necrophile" - 1992), two EPs ("The Confessions Continues" - 1993, "Architects Of Perversions" - 1994) and a 7" ("Upon The Medical Slab" - 1994). Are these materials still available? Didn't you think about to rerecord and to rerelease them on a CD along with the "Sculpture Of The Dead" EP? You would afford a great pleasure to the death metal fans. Especially for me, haha!

No, that would never happen and no, they are not still available. Check out Ebay on a daily basis and you'll might find it.

As for the "Architects Of Perversions" EP, how it happened, that Mike Amott play some guitarparts on the EP? Didn't he want to join the band? Haha!

What I remember the singer we had at that time knew Mike Amott and he would come down and visit while we were recording. Simple as that. Not a big deal.

I have read your comments about your early materials. Why are you dissatisfied with them? Could they have been better as well?

It's crap and it's as good as we could for the time.

You recorded in 2001 a split CD with ABSCESS on which were three songs got up. Whose idea was the release this material? How did you get in touch with ABSCESS? Are you a big fan of Chris Reifert and early AUTOPSY?

It was a 10" and it was Listenable's idea. Oh yeah, AUTOPSY are one of my fave death metal acts.

Did you have already the opportunity to meet Chris Reifert? Did you perhaps tour with ABSCESS? Would you go on tour with them?

I spoke with Chris a few times over the phone and yes, it would had been fun to tour with ABSCESS.

What would you say to an AUTOPSY reunion? Would it be a great idea?
I'm not much a reunion type of guy. Ehm.

The songs ("Vermin Of A Sewer World", "Relentless" and "Stagnant Pool") of the split 10" were taken from the "III" album recording sessions. Why didn't you put on the "III" album? Didn't they fit in those songs?

It was bonus tracks of the Japanese edition of "I I I". Can't remember why we choose those songs though.

In the past you have done two video clips? For which songs were they shot? How were those clips? How often were they broadcasted? Do you plan to shot other clips in the future?

We shoot one for "Killing Spree" from "Rated-X" and one for "(eroti)Kill" from "High On Blood". I don't know. The usual shit. Blood and us trying look all mean. They was aired on MTV a few times as well as a bunch of other music stations. Might possible that we'll do more clips. Nothing planned right now though.

I have read that you are a big vinyl fan. Why do you prefer vinyls in contrast with the CDs? Are the DERANGED materials always released on vinyls? Do you have a great vinyl collection?

I have about 1800-2000 LPs. Don't know if that's "a lot" or whatever. Mean, vinyl is a lot funnier format then CD anyway. All of our full lengths are out on vinyl as well, except from "High On Blood".

Are you a sport fan? What do you say to, that Swedish icehockey team has won both the Olympic Wintergames and the Worldchampionship? Are you proud of their achievement?

I hate sport! I know nothing about it and as said, I hate sport.

Please tell us the first ten death metal albums of all time! Which death metal records are your favourite?

My personal fave 10 death metal albums?
SUFFOCATION - Effigy Of The Forgotten
TERRORIZER - World Downfall
AUTOPSY - Mental Funeral
CARCASS - Symphonies Of Sickness
RIPPING CORPSE - Dreaming With The Dead
NAPALM DEATH - From Enslavement To Obliteration
REPULSION - Horrified
ENTOMBED - Left Hand Path

Rikard, I think this is the end of the interview. Anything like to add what wasn't covered?

Thanx a lot for the the int. Take care man!!!


Interview: David Laszlo (July 2006)