Hi Rikard! What's up at the DERANGED camp? You told me, that you'd release your next output in March this year. Can you tell me more about the new stuff and are you ready with the recordings?
We finished off the recordings December last year. Everything turned out cool! It'll be titled "Deranged" and if I remember things right, it'll be 11 tracks on it. It's probably the fastest and most intense disc we've yet done. I'm really looking forward to have it released.

Were the recordings as usual in the Berno studio or some new studio?
We recorded the new disc at Berno Studio. It's a great studio and since we have been working with Berno earlier he pretty much knows what kind of sound we're after and so on... It's also located very near to where we live. Takes me like 25 minutes with car. It's a cool studio and I'm quite sure we'll record the next Deranged disc at Berno as well.

Do you still have the three-piece line-up from "III"?
No. Well, we had during the recording of the new disc. The day after we were finished Johan Anderberg quit the band as he was "tired of the whole thing". Up to him you know... Can't really force anyone to be in the band, ha, ha, ha! We've had changes in the line up earlier as well you know and they've always been to the better. This won't be any exception. New bass player is Jörgen Bylander from DEFACED CREATION and we'll try out a bunch of new singers.

Is Jörgen also active with DEFACED CREATION or is the band on ice. I ask you, cause the other members left DC to form AEON.
I'm not sure but I think that DEFACED CREATION is split up. As said, don't know for sure. Haven't heard AEON myself but if they are half as good as DEFACED they'll rule.

You also told me, that you would perhaps go on a European tour with IMMOLATION in May. Any news about this killer-package?
It'll be in May. It'll be IMMOLATION, DERANGED, DESTROYER 666 and DECAPITATED. We'll more or less be touring all over Europe. It'll be cool! We unfortunately never managed to do any longer tours to support the "III" disc, due to acts beyond our and Listenable's control I should might add. We did a bunch of smaller tours, played the Wacken fest. and went over to Japan for a few shows so one shall not complain.

You did some shows in Japan? How was it? With which bands do you play there and how got you on the tour?
The whole tour was set up by Brick 318, a management over there. They just dragged us over, ha, ha, ha" It was cool. Mean, the first time we played outside of Europe. We've been touring all across Europe the last couple of years so it felt cool to finally come to another continent. We played with lots of local bands! Guess you haven't heard about them?! We did play with CSSO and INTESTINE BAALISM though which I guess you know.

Now it's time to go back to the former days of DERANGED. First of all, I don't now really when you started with the band and was the very first line-up of DERANGED the same as on the first demo "The Confessions Of A Necrophile"?
We "formed" DERNAGED in '91 - Summer of '91 I guess. Can't remember the exact date, ha, ha, ha. The line-up on the demo is not the "original" line-up though... We had another second guitar player at the start and Johan Axelsson wasn't in the band either, which leaves us to the fact that I'm the only one left from the original line up, ha, ha, ha!

And before you formed DERANGED? Were you and the other guys in other bands or was it your first step?
All of us had been playing with each other in one way or another except from Per. All kinds of shit! From punk to thrash, crust, grindcore... You name it.

You recorded your debut-demo in Mai 1992. What can you tell me about this stuff? Are you still satisfied with the stuff and are there also older rehearsal-tapes around?
The fucking demo sucks man, ha, ha, ha! I have never been that satisfied with it, therefore we later on re-recorded three of the four songs. More about that later. The response was rather OK I guess. Nothing outstanding though... We never released any "official" rehearsal tape. Think that we shipped around some rehearsal recordings to people one was in touch with but as said, we never released any official rehearsal tape.

How were the reactions on the tape? I think, they were very good, cause you get very quick an offer from Obliteration Records, which released your first 7" "The Confessions Continues".
As mentioned, the reaction towards the tape was OK. We sold like 700 copies during the six months we actually cared about to sell the goddamn tape. Also as mentioned, we wasn't that satisfied with the tape so we re-recorded three of the four tracks to be featured on comp. tapes. Like one or two weeks before we should start to record, I got a letter from Naru (Obliteration rec.) and he wanted to release a split 7" single with DERANGED and some other band. The split turned out to be an "own" DERANGED 7" single instead and we put the re-recorded versions of the demo on that one, therefore the name "The Confessions Continues".

On this recording Mikael Westerdahl wasn't anymore in the band. What happened to him?
I think we kicked him out!

Were he after that involved in an other band?
Nothing serious I guess.

On the LP re-release from "III" there is as bonus the track "Hammer Catered Rectum", which you recorded in July 1993 and released on the sampler "Sometimes... Death Is Better". Was this song originally from a demo or promo tape? So, I was wondering, cause this song was later on the "Architects..." MCD, which were recorded later on.
It was originally featured on a local compilation CD or whatever. Just one of those comp CDs where a lot of local bands are featured you know. Later on we also decided to feature the track on the "Sometimes... Death Is Better" compilation and later on we re-recorded it for the "Architects..." disc.

In 1994 you got an offer from Repulse Records. Why did Repulse release "Architects Of Perversions" so late, cause you recorded the material in December 1993? Were this recordings first planned as a demotape?
I think that the recording were first meant to end up on two 7" singles in fact which obviously screwed up. How unusual! Ha, ha, ha. We decided to release the tracks as a mini CD instead and sent it around to labels all over. Drowned wanted to give it a try. Shortly afterwards Dave Rotten started up his own label Repulse and released the "Architects..." disc.

On this recording there was also Michael Amott as a guest-musician. How did you get in contact with him?
It was our old singer (Per) that knew him. He should visit Per during the time we were recording and just stopped by the studio and did some solo's. Not a big deal really.

Short before the MCD you also released your second 7" "Upon The Medical Slab" on German M.M.I. Records. If I remeber right you had some troubles with the cover-artwork, hehe?!
Yeah, we recorded the "Upon the..." 7" single like two months after we were finished with the "Architects..." recording session. The troubles had very little to do with the "Upon..." 7". The "troubles" you refer to do was all about he first 7". It was banned or censored in Germany, coz of the artwork and the lyrics. Ha, ha, ha! Get a life!

The "Sculpture Of The Dead" MCD features a new bassist in Mikael Bergmann and also the first time not the Köket Studio, cause the Berno Studio. Why did you change the studio and what happened with Jean-Paul Asenov, your old bassist?
We kicked Jean-Paul out. He wasn't showing any bigger interest. We wanted to try out a new studio, as we were never 100% satisfied with the recordings we did at Köket. Mean, it was a really cheap place and perfect for demo recordings. No shit! If one thinks about the result and what it cost, it was cool but as said, we wanted a better sound and shit and tried Berno Studio out.

Finally in February 1996 your first longplayer "Rated-X" saw the light of the day. Am I right, when I say, that the split with Repulse were after that, because there was an eleven months break between the recording and the release?
The actual "delay" of "Rated-X" had to do with, once again the cover artwork and the lyrics which most pressing companies Repulse contacted thought were way to obscene and explicit and refused to press it. The deal we had with Repulse was for one CD really. And that was the "Rated-X" disc. They could had done so much more with it and we wasn''t satisfied. They did offer us a new deal but as the deal wasn't as "good" as the one we had for "Rated-X" (if one can say that the deal we had for "Rated-X" was any good) we were like "Eh?" you know as they had most recently told us we were the best selling act on Repulse and shit... One think they should show more interest in keeping their bands and shit you know. Anyway, I still consider Repulse as a cool label and wish them all the best luck in the future. Still, that's all in the past. I'm more concerned about the present and the future.

On this recording there was also a ROLLING STONES cover version from "Paint It Black". Who has this idea and are you fans of this music-style? By the way, you also recorded shortly after the release of "Rated-X" a coversong from MISFITS for the "Hell On Earth..." compilation. Why did you choose this both songs?
What I remember it was my idea to cover "Pain It Black". I listen to more or less everything, Stones no exception. I'm not too happy about black metal and/or melodic death metal though but otherwise... Most shit will do. We usually played that song during rehearsals and live, and when we were recording the "Rated-X" disc we realized at an early stage that we would have lots of time left due to the fact that everything turned out to take less time then expected so we recorded "Paint..." as well just for fun so to say. Just something for us and our closest friends to have you know. Repulse heard it and wanted to have it featured on the CD as well and there you have it. The MISFITS track. I've personally been into both MISFITS and SAMHAIN for ages and it was cool to be featured on a tribute to 'em, you know!

There was also a limited edition double-CD from the "Rated-X" with the second MCD. Was this MCD so strictly limited or why did that happen?
Think it was limited to 2000 copies. The thing with that was that from the very start Invasion Records from Germany should have released it. We had signed the contract and shit but all though it screwed up (just like FLESHCRAWL and many other bands... - Leif). The "Sculpture Of The Dead" MCD probably still remains as one of the most trouble filled chapters in the history of DERNAGED. Anyway, during the time of the actual recording of "Rated-X", "Sculpture..." wasn't still released and Repulse wanted to do this DCD release with the "Sculpture..." disc being the bonus CD. It was later on released as an own release so to say.

The debut also featured once again a new basser called Dan Bengtson. So, were Mikael Bergman only a session-member or was he to lazy?
Mikael Bergman was a "real member" all right. Things wasn't working out that cool with him... Dan Bengtsson is not playing on "Rated-X". Johan did all of the bass on that one!

After the release also Per left the band. What was the main reason? Had he too much to do with Regain Records or/and Wrong Again Records?
Should had been Wrong Again during that time... I don't know. He never showed up for rehearsals and shit and it had been going on even before he started up Wrong Again. We said that we had to work it out, get rid of him and find us self a new singer and so we did.

After the split with Repulse you recorded in Mai 1997 a demotape, which were recorded in a studio called MRC. Is it a local studio? And are "Razor Devine" and "Raised On Human Sin" the only tracks of the tape?
Think it was five tracks on that one in fact. Four songs that later on ended up on the High on blood CD and one cover, Cold gin. It was recorded in Köket but mixed in MRC. MRC was or is an OK studio. The fucking board is cool and so on... It's located in Malmö.

Hä? What's "Cold Gin"? Is it a band or what?
Cold Gin" is a song. A KISS song. One of many KISS songs we've been covering.

Than your former singer Per picked you up and released your second CD on his label (Regain Records). What went wrong, that "High On Blood" is the only release on his label?
Things started out cool then it was just downwards, ha, ha, ha! People couldn't get hold on the damn CD, no real promotion was done... You name it. We wanted to leave and tear the contract apart and luckily we was free to do so which was a nice gesture from their side. Regain have also released two CDs with EMBRACED, the first MURDER CORPORATION full length and what I've heard, they started up a sub label which MARDUK is on nowadays. I don't know...

This release featured also Fredrik Sandberg from MOONSTRUCK on vocals, which were only a short time in the band. Why had he left the band and do you know their debut from 1999 called "First Light"? I personally think it sucks.
I haven't heard that disc, so I don't know... The only thing I've heard with MOONSTRUCK is like one or two tapes they released before that disc, which was quite all right to be "melodic death metal", which isn't really my cup of tea. Fredrik is a great singer but unfortunately there was a lot of, what people usually define as "personal differences". He wanted one thing while we another...

In August 1998 your first tour followed with DEFACED CREATION und DYING FETUS. Any special things about the tour?
It was a cool tour. Personally I would say that it would have been better if it were less gigs and better gigs you know. Could had showed up more people for the shows but all in all it was cool!

After that much happens in the DERANGED-camp. You kicked out, as mentioned, Fredrik, Dan Begtsson left the band and you signed to Listenable Records. So, why left Dan the band and how did you get in contact with Listenable? By theway, do you know the godly Luciferion CD, which were also released on this label?
We kicked Dan out, as he never seemed to improve as a musician plus the usual "personal differences". Johan Anderberg started to play the bass as well. Listenable got in touch with me in fact and just wondered what was up with the band. Just during that period we were looking for a new deal and I told him how things were and the rest is history. The LUCIFERION CD is cool. My personal faves on Listenable would be ABORTED and ABSCESS though.

In October 1999 your latest CD "III" was released. The first time in the nowadays three-piece line-up. Also the first time that the time between the recording and the release was not so long. I think a good sign, to have the right label, or?
Oh yeah! Listenable managed to get the disc out in time and that's cool. Nothing worse then have to wait a year or like we've done in some cases even longer to have a CD released. Mean, Listenable have been cool so far! They're not talking a lot of bullshit. They are honest and that's cool. I'm the kind of person that if I ask something I want a "yes" or "no" and I'm getting that with Listenable.

In 2000 you played the first time on the Wacken open air in Germany. How was it to play in front of so many people? I liked the show very much. Perhaps a little bit bright, haha.
To start with, I'm not that into festivals. I'm not that into playing them or visiting them. I like a full packed club the best, still! Needless to say that it was cool to play the Wacken fest. It showed up so much more people then what we had expected. Mean, we weren't given the best time but as said, it showed up so much more people then what we had expected and the response were cool as well. I enjoyed that gig. What I remember we could have played the shit tighter and so on but who cares?

In this year there were also the two vinyl-re-releases. Whom idea was it? I think, it's very great, but when will we see a vinyl-version from "High On Blood"???
We had very little to do with those releases. At least "Rated-X". It was all collaboration between Listenable and Merciless, and Repulse and Perverted Taste. Merciless sent us test pressings and shit for us to check out which is cool but otherwise. Both releases are cool and I'm happy that they were also available on vinyl. I guess that both of them are sold out by now! I'm a big vinyl freak myself. I don't know about "High On Blood". Heard that Regain shall maybe do a re-releases of it. A digi-pak thing with bonus tracks or something... Don't know if they'll also release it on vinyl.

OK, I think, that's all to your history. Did I forget anything?
Guess that most of the shit is covered! Ha, ha, ha.

Now, I want to know something from your other band MURDER CORPORATION. You said, that you would release a new long player in February? Everybody of DERANGED plays in this band. How do you manage this? I mean, you have ideas and are rehearsing, but with both bands to the same time? Or, what? What is the biggest difference between this bands and which ideas got which band?
The new Murder Corporation CD is titled "Tagged And Bagged" and it's been delayed 'till April or so... We just wanted another band to jam with so we formed MURDER CORPORATION. It's not a hobby band or project. It's a 100% serious band, just like DERANGED. Time? I don't know... I personally have very little "spare time". Mean, I have a usual 9 to 5 work and I'm in two bands as well. The last year was quite hectic. We wrote and recorded material for that new Murder Corp. CD as well as material for two split CDs plus the new DERANGED CD. MURDER CORPORATION are probably, compared to DERANGED, more laid back and more old school influenced you know. People usually still define MURDER CORP. as a "brutal death metal" band. The differences are many...

I only know the split-7" with VOMITORY and the "Blood Revolution 2050" CD. What else did you released?
BLOOD REVOLUTION 2050 - MCD - recorded'95, released'96
KILL! - MCD - recorded'96, released'97
MURDER CORPORATION - CD - recorded'98, think it was released '99
RETRACT THE HOSTILE - 7" - recorded'98, released'98
MURDER CORPORATION / VOMITORY split 7" - recorded'98, released'99
WHOLE LOTTA MURDER GOIN' ON - CD - recorded'97 to '00, released'00
MURDER CORPORATION / GRIND BUTO - split CD - recorded'00, released'00

Soon to be released:

Are there also other projects next to these two bands?
Not for the moment

OK, Rikard, I think, that's enough. Thanks for your patience and the last space goes out to you! Bye!
Thanx as hell to you Leffe for the in depth interview. Your support is eternally appreciated. As usual, get in touch today and be sure to check the new CDs out.

Interview: Leif

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