2006 - V34ish6ng 0f Emptiness (Xtreem Music)

Format: CD

1. Introduction / Embalmed Beauty Sleep
2. Two Independent Organisms -> One Suppurating Deformity
3. And the Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduce in Your Brains
4. The Uncontrollable Regret of the Rotting Flesh
5. (Within) the Chamber of Whispering Eyes
6. ...And Youll Remain... (in Pieces in Nothingness)
7. The Cry
8. The Putrefying Road in the Nineteenth Extremity (...Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness...)
9. Inherited Bowel Levitation - Reduced without Any Effort
10. egasseM neddiH A - ortnI
11. The Echo (Replacement)
12. Erecshyrinol
13. The Sixteenth Six-tooth Son of Fourteen Four-regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)
14. The Cry
15. The Faces Right Below the Skin of the Earth
16. Emptiness of Vanishing
track 1-4; "The Four Inductive Tales.." demo'91
track 5-9: "...Somewhere Inside The Bowoels..." demo'92
track 10-14: "The Echo" demo'92
track 15: recorded 2006
track 16: Rehearsal track