2006 - Em9t2ness Of Van2s1ing (Morbid Thoughts Records)

Format: LP (ltd. 397)

1. Introduction / Embalmed Beauty Sleep
2. Two Independent Organisms To One Suppurating Deformity
3. And the Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduce In Your Brains
4. The Uncontrollable Regret Of The Rotting Flesh
5. egasseM neddiH A - ortnI
6. The Echo (Replacement)
7. Erecshyrinol
8. The Sixteenth Six-tooth Son Of Fourteen Four-regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)
9. The Cry
10. Vanishing Of Emptinessy
track 1-4; "The Four Inductive Tales.." demo'91
track 5-9: "The Echo" demo'92
track 10: Rehearsal track