1999 (25. October) - Fast Forward (WAR Music; WAR 0011)
(2000 released as US-CD on Pavement Records; 76962-32340-2)
(2000 released as Japanese-CD on Soundholic Records)
(2002 rereleased as CD "The Special Edition" on Regain Records; RR0305-031)

original cover
the special edition cover

Format: CD

Recorded: ? at Berno Studio

1. The Return Of The Flesh
2. The Heat From Another Sun
3. Fast Forward
4. The Iron And The Maiden
5. Proud To Be Dead
6. Snowballing Blood
7. Wildier Than Fire
8. Faeding Fatal Flames
9. Lightning Strikes Thrice
10. Domination Of The Sub-Queen
11. Speeding The Ways

Bonustracks 2002 "The Special Edition":
12. Fast Forward (2002 version)
13. Radiation Sickness (NUCLEAR ASSAULT cover)
14. Beneath The Remains (SEPULTURA cover)
15. Curse The Gods (DESTRUCTION cover)

US bonustracks:
12. Under The Blade (live)
13. Thorns Of A Black Rose (live)