1999 - Path Of The Weakening (Unique Leader Records)
(2000 rereleased as CD on Erebos Productions; ERE 017)
(2001 rereleased as PLP on Displeased Records; D 00092)

Format: CD (sold around
16.000 copies)

? at Moon Productions Studio

Erik Lindmark (v/g)
Jim Tkacz (g)
Jacoby Kingston (v/b)
Joey Heaslet (d)
1. Indigenous To The Appalling (Mutinous Human)
2. Lustmord
3. Path Of The Weakening
4. Summarily Killed
5. Sounds Of Loud Reigns
6. Execute The Anthropophagi
7. I Die On My Own Terms
8. Sense Of The Diabolic
9. A Violent God