The interview was done with Kenneth Nyman (KN) and Rickard Thulin (RT) after the release of the MCD "Lifework". I never though, that the Swedish guys will top their last fullength "Delete", but "Lifework" ist still very strong and perhaps a little bit more grindcore influences.

Hi! What's up! Hope everything is alright in the COERCION camp?

RT -Hey, thanks for asking. Things are cool here, maybe a litle too cool but that's because it's late summer and we have some time off here and there...

KN -Yep. I'm sipping on some red wine and listening to Yattering while answering this interview. Everything is just fine.

Ok, let's start with the long period of nothing. Why do you have so much time between your last CD "Delete" (1999) and the actual MCD?

RT -Well, after Delete and the tour in 2000 with FLESHGRIND and RESURRECTED we had lost the writing inspiration for some strange reason. We thought it would be easy to create new material cause the DELETE album had been writen in a very rapid phase. We had strugle many times before and this time I could not continue. I left the band just to rejoin 1 year later. Kenneth and Pelle continued with the band even though it was in adversity. I'm greatful for that. Now things are moving forward again and we are currently writing and rehearsing new material.

Were there other projects you were involved in, in this period?

RT -Under my departure of COERCION I joined a stoner band called FAR SIDE OF REALITY (r.i.p) which recruited basplayer Dag Nesbö. When I had rejoined COERCION I asked Dag if he were interested in joining the band which he did. Other than that, no sideprojects during that period. Nowadays Pelle is the current drummer of GRAVE and I play bassguitar in MYNJUN and IMPERIOUS.

Why do you choose Animate Records as your new label? What's up with Perverted Taste, were they not interested in you anymore?

RT -ANIMATE Rec. showed interest in us which also a few other labels did. We have only sign for this release with ANIMATE but are interested in a continued relation with these great guys. Perverted Taste wanted us to sign another deal back in 2000 but we put the hole thing on ice. Since then we havn't had any discussion with Perverted Taste.

It's great to hear new tracks from you, course the "Delete" was a very cool release and the new mcd is nearly in the same vain. Do you see some differences between the two releases?

RT -Ofcourse, I think LIFEWORK is more straight forward and in your face, the production is totally unpolished and raw. This MCD was initially ment to be a promo/demo to send to labels but we were pretty satisfied with the result and decided to release it as an official MCD.

Why didn't you choose Mieszko again?

RT -As mentioned above, we recorded LIFEWORK as a demo. It was self-financed and totally self-procuced in our rehersalroom and at home. So, it was never in question to record in a studio. Maybe we choose Mieszko for our next Album, who knows!

I like it, that you transfer the old Swedish style with some INCANTATION-like influences in a more blasting style, without loosing on aggression and power. Do you still love the old school death metal sound?

RT -Yeah I sure do, but I think all of us has developed a greater passion for the more brutal way of playing. But I think we still got some old school swedish death metal pounding in our veins that comes out in our music.

What do you think about the new releases from Grave, Unleashed or Dismember? For me, they never reached the brillance from their old releases.

RT -I agree. Must say I haven't heard the current releases of any of the mentioned bands so maybe I should just shut up, hehe! Should be interesting though to listen to the forthcoming GRAVE album with Pelle behind the drums.

KN -I think Dismembers later releases are pretty good. Graves new release is a step in the right direction, but they still have far to go. I haven' heard Unleashed's latest.

You played some gigs in e.g. Germany? How were the reactions on this gigs and did the people still know COERCION?

RT -Yeah, those gig were great and people seemed to remember us, though a lot of guys thought we had split up long time ago, hahaha! But we're still around almost rising from the dead, hahaha!!

Ok, let's go back in history! You were formed in 1992 and after that recorded three demo tapes. Please give me a statement to every demo of them!

KN -our fist demo HEADWAY was released in 1993. As we weren't completely satisfied with the sound, we did a remix of it and released it again. We also excluded one song that we felt didn't fit. Although the response of it was relly great, it got us no record deal. The second demo HUMAN FAILURE was released in 1994, and shortly after its release we got a contract with Chaos rec (swe). We then started the recording of what was supposed to be our debut album in jan 1995. But half way through the recording we sacked our drummer, so the cd was never finished. We and Chaos rec later decided to go our separate ways, and the contract was broken.

After the demos you released in 1997 your debut "Forever Dead" on Perverted Taste. For me it's not as strong as "Delete" and "Lifework". What's your opinion of the record and how were the sellings/reactions back then?

KN -Perhaps FOREVER DEAD is more old school than our later releases. I really like the sound of it. To work with mastermind Dan Swanö was great! Through the releases Coercion has gone in the death/grind direction I guess. FD will always have a special place in my frostbitten heart.

Your second record was a real kill. The sound is great, the tracks are cool and for me some of the few real Swedish records after the big early 90ies boom.

KN -Well, thanks a lot. I'm more happy with the songs than with the sound though, which I think has too little dynamic.

Were you involved in other bands before forming COERCION or was it your first step in the music-buisiness?

KN -We all have been playing in different constalations. But as I doubt you've heard of them, there not worth mentioning.

You were/are on two German labels, you played your tours with German bands like Purgatory, Polymorph, Eminenz or Resurrected. Why do you have so much german connections or were there noone who were interested in you?

KN -We've been in contact with a couple of labels in other countries that has shown interest in us. but we have never reached an agreement with any of them. The German crowd is cool, and there are some very cool bands. We feel like it's becoming our second home. We love to go there as often as possible.

Ok, I that's it for now! Thanks for your answers and hope to see you in the next time on tour again!

KN -Thanks for the excellent interview and for showing interest in COERCION.

Interview: Leif