1996 (April) - Malleus Maleficarium (Wild Rags Records; WRR 043)
(2003 rereleased as CD on Candlelight Records; Candle 085)


Format: CD

track 1-3: May 1995 at Abyss Studio
track 4-7: see "Transcend The Chaos" demo
track 8-10: see "Under The Blackened Sky" demo
track 9: see "Bloodhunt" 10"
track 10: March 1999 at Black Lounge Studio

Remastered Rerelease:
December 2002 at Black Lounge Studio

Matthias Lamppu (v)
Kenneth Wiklund (g)
Andreas Evaldsson (g)
Martin Schulmann (b)
Kalimaa (d-Comp.)
Joakim Gustafsson (d; track 4-7)
1. Upon the Ancient Ground
2. Dark Visions
3. Sorrow of the Burning Wasteland
4. Transcend the Dark Chaos
5. Thorns of Desolation
6. Eternal Lies
7. At the Everlasting End

Bonustracks rerelease:
8. Cranial Dismemberment
9. Only Slices Remains
10. Torn Within
11. Mutilation (DEATH cover)
12. Ripping Corpse (KREATOR cover)