1996 (June) - Psychostasia (Repulse Records; RPS 015)
(2003 rereleased as CD + "Seven" & "The Fall" on Blackend Records; BLACK 051)

Format: CD

December 1995 and mixed January
1996 at Tico-Tico Studio (Kemi)

Jarkko Rantanen (v/d)
Jani Aho (g)
Seppo Taatila (g)
Mikko Aarnio (b)
1. Heroes In Godly Blaze
2. Psychostasia
3. Seance Of Shamans
4. The Book Of The Worm
5. Thoth (Lord Of Holy Words)
6. Mythic Descendant
7. As The Gods Succumbed
8. Across The Gray Waters