Seeming Salvation, CD rerelease
(Konqueror Records 2009)

And once again a real Swedish classic rereleased on CD. It's time for EPITAPH's "Seeming Salvation" (1992) also including the four tracks from their Split-LP with EXCRUCIATE (1991). And yes Andy from Konqueror was right to release it once again, cause this Swedish three-piece really know how to play the now legendary Old School style! Perhaps a little bit more Thrash oriented, but of course the downtuned guitars, a growly voice and mainly played in mid-tempo with some faster outbreaks. If I mention GROTESQUE, GRAVE and CARNAGE, you know what's the game here. The production is also the typical Sunlight production, so I think there is no reason for Swedish Death Metal fan, not to get this record. It's quite a shame, that EPITAPH fell apart after this release, cause they had a real talent for good song and to be honest, it could be better in some parts, but I still love this record! Also the four tracks from the split-LP were a good demo production (also Sunlight), some points weeker than the record, but still very enjoyable! The three guys behind EPITAPH never (as I know) get back to the musical circus, so I think this band will never get back to the scene... There are also plans from the label The Crypt to rerelease the EPITAPH stuff as double-LP, so if someone didn't get the original pressings, you have to check www.darksymphonies.com.