Congratulations, your new 4-Track-EP "Chants Of Grim Death" is a little jewel of old-school-Death Metal. You are four maniacs with T-Shirts from old-school-Bands as Tormentor (Hungarian), Nihilist, Entombed, Scurvy and Cannibal Corpse. Do you like the old stuff from the eighties? Are this your only influences at today?

Thanks, well one thing first, we are no longer 4 in the band, just 3 of us will remain! That would be me (Seb) on vocals 'n guitar and Bünger on drums, Cliff on assbass. Well of course we are mainly influenced by old school bands from the eighties, but also a lot of new bands that play that old style influences us.

I like very, very the artwork at this EP. It has been done at Nathaniel Colas from the fanzine "Mutilating Process". At the cover are little beloved details as an example the "A-Side" is AGGRESSIVE and the "B-Side"
is BASTARD. How did you became acquainted him? Did he make an good fanzine?

I know Nathaniel since he reviewed our former band in his glorious and unholy "MUTILATING PROCESS". We have been in contact ever since. And since his zine is very cool and looks great it was not difficult to say yes to him when he wanted to do the cover and whole layout thing for our 7". And yes MUTILATING PROCESS is a very good zine, among the best!

You have covered at the last song the Merciless-classical-song "Pure Hate" from their debut-album. Is this an influence for the band? Did you like their new album "Merciless" I like it very well.

Yes I would say that Merciless is one of our bigger influences, they are truly a cool band, their best release is still `"The Awakening" But I think there are some very good songs on their newest self titled album as well.

Please tell us more from your
first (???) demo-recording "Ovations To Putrefaction"! Your fans can it download under your website.

Our first demo recording as NECROVATION was "Ovations To Putrefaction". And yes, ONE of the songs can be heard at our website.
What can I tell you about it, well I was recorded at our old rehearsal place in very primitive ways, just rented some microphones and borrowed a friends PC. Drums are recorded with two channels and so on, not a darling to mix exactly. But it sounds pretty good anyway I think. So It's recorded all by our selves just like the 7".
It is released now in three different presses, the 2 first ones by ourselves and the third press by Japanese maniac Yuki of DEATHRASH ARMAGAEDDON.

What can the fans expect for this?

Expect from the demo???????? I don't know - old school death metal, but It has been available for over a year so people don't have to wonder and "expect" things, they can find out by order a copy from DEATHRASH ARMAGEDDON!

Did you planed a new release? As an example an full-length-album? If it's so, you want to release it again under you label "Blood Harvest"? Do you release it again as an vinyl-version?

Yes new releases are planned to be released this year. First out we'll release a split 7" with Swedish death/thrash band CORRUPT. It will be a killer release, we will record a cult coversong and one of our new songs, they will do the same!
Later on this year our debut full length album will be recorded. Both these releases will be unleashed by BLOOD HARVEST on vinyl only. The full length will probably be released on CD by some other label, yet undecided.

What about some live shows of NECROVATION? Do you planed to play only in Sweden? Which one favourite-band (ONLY ONE!!!) would you play an absolutely Live-Show (of course, if you could select it by all band-members!)?

Some live shows are going to happen this spring and summer. Only in Sweden, sorry. Would be cool to play abroad too, let's see what the future has to say...

Your last words to our readers:

Thanks for your interest in our shitty band, ha ha! Support not only us but all the bands with right sound and mentality! OLD SCHOOL DEATH FUKK!
OK, cheers!

Contact: (label) (Corrupt; next split partners)

Interview: Marcus