Cheers ODHINN, let's talk a little bit about the weather and food! What´s up in Sweden? Cold? Snowy? What did you eat at last? X-mas is standing before the door! Do have all presents for your friends and family? Do you like X-mas? Hahaha

Hello and greetings from a cold and bitter winterland!! Yes xmas is comming and we are going to eat everything we can to be as fat and powerful as possible..., hehe. Yes we like JUL because it's a heathen tradition and not a christian. No I have not bought the present still yet...he he.

In Battle are back from their European Tour with UNLEASHED. Felt bad that you didn`t play in my area so I couldn`t see you! Grrr. Tell me some impressions from the tour! Do you think you`ve won new fans? How was the reaction from the crowd about In Battle?

First of all UNLEASHED where great in all matters and totally great guys! The tour where great... to bad the places we played at where so small so we did not have the time to do any soundcheck so i did crash my voice a couple of tims...but in over all everything where great! And the fans where violent as they should be... hehehe

Congratulation to your masterstrike Welcome To The Battlefield. Are you satisfied with the result? And by the way, where do you see the differences to your older works?

Thanx man i´m glad and satisfied with the album and also that u like it makes metal worth doing... i think the older work where more BM and now when we are more professional as musicans and a better sounding... or pure evolution.

Why are In Battle now a Death Thrash Act. I can remember that your first records where more in the Black and Viking vein. In Battle a trendband?

As I said we are what evolution has made us to be even better and more professional then before..and who knows next album will be some diffrenses and variations... who knows..? But we still sings about the north and the ASA/viking theme just check KING GOD out.

The Drumsound is very clinique, I think. Machine or real Drummer? (If it was a real Drummer, don't tell him this question! Maybe on the next tour he will knock me down, hahaha)

I am very glad for you that you did not tell our drummer this... he would has been slaying your head..., hehe. Of course do we have a real drummer no fucking machine hehe... we have maybe one of the absolute greatest drummer... i can promise you that and we are very very proud over this man... he really slays!!

In my opinion the best track on it is „Eld Jättär“. All the mags, I've read praised the Track „Eld Jättär“! Can you tell me why? Was it the last track you've written? Maybe the new way from In Battle? What is the secret behind and what means „Eld Jättär“?

„ELD JÄTTAR“ means Fire giants from the muspelheim the giants of fire will arise to wipe out all life on earth... no it was one of the songs our guitarist from diabolical did write with me and Frölén.

Tell me a little bit about the lyrical concept from In Battle! I don`t have the lyrics!

The lyrics is still the old north pagan thougts and belifes... mixed with a doomed way of seeing life... and we will always try to have a couple of swedish lyrics on the make it total.

Did you have fun with Eric Rutan in the studio? Tell us what about the recordings to WTTB.

Eric Rutan is a awesome guy he was the key to this album and he is a great friend and we owe him everything... we did record the album in sweden and the usa and the sound went great i think and we are satisfied with this and we will still work with ERIC RUTAN for the next album to.

What do you expect from Metal Blade?

Hmmm, its a good label but i think they got to stop sign hardcore shit and only real metal... but i understand their thinking... they want to sell copies... and metal is on its way down... so to everyone out there BUY THE RECORDS DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!!!!

Ah, tell me a little bit about the reactions from Press and fans about your new record!

We are getting great respons but the albums is to expensive to buy because of all this MP3 and stuff so.. we dont think we will sell so many copies... maybe 4-5000 or so...

Ok, ODHINN, that´s all. Good luck for the furure and hope the next record is again brutal than this piece of blood. Greets to all members from In 'fuckin' Battle. And have a nice X-Mas, hahaha. Last words are yours and In Battle's.

Cheers Marcus Carnage Zine/Germany

Interviews: Marcus