Cheerz Craig, what's up in Cleveland?

Hi, well I'm not sure exactly, probably the same ol' same ol', only a different sport season.

Congratulation for your killer MCD "Converted By Decapitation"! A fine, little old school thrash hammer (with some Death Metal vokills?)! Do you agree with the DM vocals?

Thanks a lot, I can't say I agree, no. I see my vokills as straight up thrash sounding a bit like Bruce Corbitt, Ventor, and a hint of Tom Araya.

All in all, are you satisfied with the record?

Yeah, I think it's a great record.

I've read that you are looking for a company for a vinyl release, right?

Well, we're/I'm looking for an underground label interested in releasing the E.P. on vinyl, however I have a big feeling we'll end up doing it ourselves, which is fine or perhaps for the best.

Why and when did you start Crucified Mortals?

I started C.M. in the summer of 2001 because I wanted to play and write Thrash metal for my own
personal enjoyment.

Is it not frustrating that you don't have a fix bassman? I mean, Novy (VADER) cannot be by the rehearsals (this problem is well known and a fact) and you are standing alone when you'll rehearse and you cannot play gigs. When will you stop this problem?

Stopped it two weeks ago actually, we've recruited Ixitichitl (ex-MANTICORE, ex-SOMNUS) as a bassist because we've got a show in Cleveland coming up. I hope he'll stick around on a permanent basis.

During I'm writing this question, I hear LIZY BORDEN's masterpiece "Love You To Pieces". What are you hearing when answering?

Birds, Dogs and a clock ticking in the background. No stereo by my computer ;-(

In an earlier mail you've said that you'll release a 7" via Iron Bonehead from Germany. When will be the 7" out and what can we expect?

That is correct, the 7" is said to be released this summer, it'll be titled "Kill Upon Command". Everything is completed for it, it's just a matter of getting pressed now. You can expect Thrash Metal composed by Thrash fans.

The cover looks brilliant and it's worth to be released on vinyl! Who did this fantastic old school looking picture?

Jowita Kaminska, you may also recognize her work on DECEASED "Legions Of Aaaarrrrgghh", the upcoming WITCHBURNER album, and if you've seen or heard it by accident the latest EXODUS album. I don't remember what it's called.

What about the scene in Cleveland! I know only DESTRCUTOR and SOULLESS and at least CRUCIFIED MORTALS. Not that much by a dimension like Cleveland it have, right? Or do you know more bands that were worth my mention?

I know more bands worth your mention, such as NUNSLLAUGHTER (which I'm currently a member of as well) and MANTICORE.

How old are you sickos? Do you have jobs? Tabledancer or stuff like that, hahaha.

Adamizer is 20, Sebastian is 33?, Ixitichitl is 34? and myself am 18.

Your influences are the German or European Thrash Metal from the eighties (I hear some old DEATHROW riffs in "The Reaper's Blade"!!!). It's very weird to me that American bands want to sound like the Europeans (AVNEGER OF BLOOD for another example) and the Germs want to sound like Americans (prefer Bay Area sounding), hahaha. Can you explain me this little phenomenon? And tell me a little bit about your influences! What do you like most?

It's a matter of personal preference for bands, back in the 80ies Germans had their own style and Americans had their's (as you've just stated), but throughout the years new bands have been exposed to both styles and are able to choose which they'd like to sound like, or maybe I'm full of shit, however that's what I think of the matter. C.M. however is influenced by any great metal act, not just thrash. I think it's mostly opinion than fact with what country our sound seems to have been most influenced by.

How many copies have you sold of the MCD? What were the reactions from press and fans worldwide?

We've sold about 700/1.000 CDs. I've yet to know of a disappointed listener.

The last record you've bought and the last concert you've seen?

Good question, last record I think was DECEASED "Luck Of The Corpse". Last concert I seen was EVISCIUM, LURKING CORPSES, ESTUARY and some other bands... it was alright.

For which record you would pay a lot of money for? I hope you understand what I mean and my bad school English, hahaha.

I'd pay a lot for many records, too many to name honestly.

The future plans and what can we expect from you?

Future plans are to release a full length, release "Converted" on vinyl, do a few more 7"es and perhaps see you in Germany. You can expect all those plans and hope that we'll be in Germany.

Ok, Craig, that's all! Hope it was not too boring for you and the questions were not that typical! At least you can promote CRUCIFIED MORTALS a little bit! Bye and take care! Thrash On!!!

Thanks for the interview, honestly your questions weren't typical at all. Hammer the nails and Thrash Till Your Death!!!

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Interview: Marcus