Cheers Denis,what`s up in your hometown? Hey, what is your hometown? Sao Paolo or Rio?

Di Lallo – My hometown is strange. There are many social differences overhere. People are poor, but there are also a lot of rich people. It is a place in a constant development. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and I love to live here. Nowadays the corruption is coming up clearly and I believe it´s the beginning of a new level. I´m sure you will enjoy it when you come.

Congratulations to your new album "Inner Trauma"! This is what I call a real fuckin fast Thrash Record!!! Are you satisfied with the album so far? How do you think about some months after recording?

Di Lallo – Thanks for your comments about the album. I´m satisfied with this result. We did our best. After some time you can see some parts you´d like to have changed, nobody is perfect and opinions are different, but I´m sure it´s been a great fasthrash release.

How many shit must men have in his head or how fucked up must men be, to record such an brutal and fast album, huh? Man, I love this shit like “Fear is my ally”!!! What is your intention to play fasthrash exclusive?

Di Lallo – Andralls intentions are to show social and crictical problems of society. Thrash metal is what we really like. How can you present good situations playing a brutal and fast song? The important is to show people the desperate way they live. “Fear is my Ally“ is about men´s fear; murder, death, kill and maybe the III World War and bullshit...

Is speed the / your ultimate way? I mean, I listen to Thrash since the beginning and hate slow or other boring parts in it! Thrash must be fast and furious. Do you agree with me?

Di Lallo – You are right. Thrash metal must be played this way. I dislike the new songs of this world. I want to listen to fast songs, but I haven´t listened to
almost anything like it lately. My disc-player plays just classical songs.

You are from the beginning in ANDRALLS, right? When and why did you start with the band and what was the reason to do your own band?

Di Lallo – I´ve been in the band since the begining, in 1998. The main reason to set up the band was just to play some covers of bands we really enjoy, like Sepultura, Slayer, Megadeth, for example. After some time, I realized we could play our own songs. I didn´t want to be just one more copy, I wanted to show my work and decided to play the fasthrash with my friends.

Do you know SEPULTURA?

Di Lallo – Sometimes we meet them in metal places, like shows, bars, parties, etc...

You know that you sound a little bit like SEPULTURA, huh? But to tell you the truth, SEPULTURA didn`t release a good album since “Beneath The Remains”. What came after that is pure and boring shit in my opinion!

Di Lallo – It´s awesome to read this, but they are only influences, we have to do our own work. I like“Arise“ very much and “Beneath the Remains“, after that, there´re few songs I like. But I respect them for everything they recorded for thrash scene and for they had opened markets around the world for brazilian bands.

Tell me a little bit about your influences! What does the brutal ANDRALLS fucker listen in his freetime?

Di Lallo – My influences are basically thrash metal bands and monsters of classic rock, for example: Slayer, Sepultura, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and others.

How do you create new songs? All together or everybody does his own? How often do you rehearse? Do you have a cool rehearsal room?

Di Lallo – Each musician brings up ideas for our rehearsals, we work on each part and change what is necessary. Normally, we insert the lyrics after the instrumental parts are done. We practice everyday in a small place in our bass player´s home.

You have some records released in the past. In 1990 "Massacre, Corruption, Destruction”, in 2003 "Force against Mind" and in 2003 too "Fasthrash Live" but expect “Force against Mind" I cannot find the other records! Do you have them for sale or where can I get it? How much they are?

Di Lallo – We have all the albuns for sale, except Massacre, Corruption, Destrucion... but the label will release it soon with bonus tracks. For further details about shipping and the price, you can send an e-mail to and you will receive all the information you need to buy Andralls merchandise.

I saw many cool ANDRALLS Shirts on your page. What have you for sale and the prices for them. I will have the white one which you wear on the pics or another logo shirt!!!

Di Lallo – We have only two kinds of T-shirt, Force Against Mind and Inner Trauma. The second one we have long sleeves too. To the prices, pls contact Unfortunatelly, we don´t have the white T-Shirt anymore.

You are on Mausoleum Rec. What do you expect from them in the future. Is a tour planned? Maybe through Germany?

Di Lallo – Mausoleum released our albuns “Force Against Mind“ and “Inner Trauma“ in Europe and is supporting
us to disclose the band around the world. We are already talking about an european tour for 2006. Germany will be included on that, of course. This is a great thrash metal country. German bangers deserve to listen to our fasthrash.

You play only fast. Is it not difficult to remind all riffs and songs when playing live? This question I would like to ask Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse, hahaha

Di Lallo – No, we have many rehearsals before playing them alive. There´s no problem. Cannibal Corpse is a great band, fast and furious !

A little game: I tell you some records and you tell me what you think or feel about. Here we go:

SADUS – “Illusions”
A really great album from the third US Thrash generation.
My favourite is Swallowed in Black.

DEMOLITION HAMMER – “Epidemic Of Violence”
This is one of the best thrash metal albums ever. The drummer is incredible.

DARK ANGEL – “Darkness Descends”
A true classic and their best work I guess.

VIO-LENCE – “Eternal Nightmare”
One of the best guitar riffing ever. The drummer is also awesome but the vocalist is weird, but in the end it doesn´t matter, the songs are so cool !

ANDRALLS – “Inner Trauma”
A great 80´s album in 2005 – For all bangers that really like the true thrash metal.

Are you into Death Metal? Do you know some bands from Brasil like my buddys from HEADHUNTER D.C.?

Di Lallo – We know many kinds of bands in Brazil. We have already talked with members of Headhunter D.C. on Andralls Brazilian Tours, but we don´t contact the band everyday.

The livesituation in Brasil! Can you play as often as you will? You`ve toured with MALEVOLENT CREATION, you've opened for JUDAS PRIEST, right? How many people saw this concert. What was it for an experience for you?

Di Lallo – We keep looking for many shows in Brazil, but we can´t play often as we want. In the big cities, people wanna see big concerts, but in smaller ones, far from the capital, underground shows are great. There are many differences from place to place.
When we played with Judas there were a lot of people there, around 3000 and it was a great disclose to Andralls. With Malevolent Creation, shows were nice too. We recorded some songs of our live album during this show. We also played with Exodus in Tempo of the Damned tour.

Tell us a little bit about the metalscene where you are from! Are you in contact with other bands? Any bands which are worth my mention? Then name a few!

Di Lallo – The metal scene is very big, but it´s better to mainstream in big cities. The bands from underground are friends and help themselves when necessary. Some nice thrash bands are: Executer, Claustrofobia, Mad Dragzter. There are another, like traditional metal. For example, Nordheim.

A question I ask every buddy from Brasil. Tell me a
little bit about your horny and nice girls! Do you know the webpage: Mike in Brasil?

Di Lallo – The girls are so beautiful ! I don´t know this page. I guess you have to come to see....

ANDRALLS on Vinyl! A dream for you? To hold your own vinyl in hand?

Di Lallo – It depends on the record label. It will very cool to have Andralls on vynil, like the 80´s !

Who or what the fuck is Tatiana Lima. I found this name on Ebay and at least in your booklet. Is it a man, a woman or just a name? If it`s a women, does she look pretty, hahaha?

Di Lallo – Tatiana Lima is a great friend and Armando's wife, (Tatiana and Armando are the owners of Marquee Records, our record label). She is pretty, but there are many others in Brazil for you to attack !!!

I love your musical high skill and you know how to play metal with spirit and soul. The cool and melodic solis (influenced by Marty Friedman?)from you and all your drummers play for the song and not for their ego. To me a big problem nowadays, drummers who destroy every feeling in a song with thousands from breaks. Your drummers all play straight ahead and fast forward. Are you proud to play with such outstanding musicians?

Di Lallo – Yes, I don´t like to much breaks when you´re playing fast, the intensity is high and you can stop all this feeling suddenly. You have to bang your head to the end. About the melodic solos, I like so much Marty Friedman´s work, but I don´t try to play like him. I have my own way to play.

What was the reason that Alex quit the band and now he`s back?

Di Lallo – There were personal problems with him. He´s solved them and he is back to keep on the fasthrash.

Ok Denis, thats all, I think, hahaha. Hope it wasn`t to boring for you?! At least you can finish this interview with your own words. Good luck for the future and maybe we`ll see you on tour in Germany!

Di Lallo – Thanks for your questions and German bangers will destroy together Andralls in 2006. We´ll work hard for that. Stay fasthrash!

Interview: Marcus