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Carnage #6 [11x]
56 pages, in German, Interviews: Cenotaph, Deceased, Defaced Creation, Doomed Era, Dormant Misery, Evoke, Eye Sea, Fleshgrind, Gallery Of Darkness, Hate Eternal, Infernal Majesty, Just Pain, Kaamos, Martyr, Polymorph, Prophecy, Sacrificial, Spawn, Tears Of Decay, Unholy Terror 'zine, Vomitory
Carnage #9 [13x]
64 pages, in German, Interviews: Beyond Serenity, Born Of Fire, Brain Dead, Broken Torso, Common Grave, Death Reality, Despondency, Dew-Scented, Disbelief, Fleshtized, Gorezone, Gory Blister, Human Waste, Hysteria, Immersed In Blood, Insision, Mental Amputation, Necrology, Necrophobic, Protector, Sepsism, Sufferage, Warspite, Witchtower
GUC #24 [2x]
german written, 130 pages
Heavy Oder Was!? #50 (german written) [1x]
Mystical Music #12 vs Carnage #14 [18x]
ca. 120 pages, in German, Interviews (MM): The Absence, Agalloch, Autopsy, Demonical, Evocation, Hatesphere, Korades, Municipal Waste, Necrotic Flesh, Suffocation, This Ending, Unleashed, Vomitory
Interviews (Carnage): Afgrund, Defeated Sanity, Exhorder, Irate Architect, Mike Browning Special (Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Acheron, Incubus, After Death), Suffocate Bastard, Ulcerate
Mystical Music #15 (english written, 88 pages + CD-R sampler, Grave/Edge OF Sanity Poster) 10x
[Interviews: Kam Lee Special (MASSACRE, BONE GNAWER etc.), DISMEMBER Special with former drummer Fred Estby, GRAVE Special with former vocalist Jörgen Sandström, ENTRAILS, STENCH OF DECAY, AEON, PUNGENT STENCH Special with Alex Wank, GRAVE MIASMA, Dan Swanö Special about EDGE OF SANITY & DEMIURG, HOODED MENACE, MASTER, TORMENTED, PUTRID GORE ART Special, REPUGNANT + more madness]

CDs (new)

- Impureza - La Iglesia Del Odio (CD, fetter Morbid Angel laster DM mit spanischen Folklore Elementen)
Johnston - Welcome To The Weaseldome (CD, guter schleppender Death Metal aus Bremen)
Shub-Niggurath - Evilness And Darkness Previals (DigiPak, kult out of Mexiko)

CDs (second hand)

Necromantia - Crossing The Fiery Path (CD 1993, Osmose Prod., Black Metal kult release)
Sodomy Torture - Exterminamorgue (CD 2010, Mortician like death metal)
Thornesbreed - The Spleandour Of The Repellent (CD, great Morbid Angel based death metal from Germany)


- Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth, PLP
Darkane - Insanity, PLP
Death - Spiritual Healing, PLP
Destruction - Mad Butcher, P12" (on clear vinyl)

Dismember ("Under Blood Red Skies")/Necrophobic ("Satanic Blasphemies") - Split A3 poster


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